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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any hidden fees?

No hidden fees. What you see on the pricing page is exactly what you pay every month.

Am I locked into a long-term contract?

No, if you enrolled on a month to month membership and can cancel anytime.

How to cancel the service?

You can shoot us a message via chat, email us at, or contact your project manager to cancel.

I didn’t request for design this month, can I get a refund for the month?

We only offer refunds during the initial trial period and under certain situations. Unfortunately, we can’t refund due to inactivity.

Is it truly unlimited design?

Yes! You can submit an unlimited number of requests to your design queue at any time, and your designer will work through them one by one.

How fast will I get my design back?

When you request for a design, we’ll put it to your design queue. On average, most clients receive their design within the next business day, and up to 48 hours. Depends on the complexity it may take longer in some cases.

How many requests can I submit each time?

You can submit unlimited requests each time, and your designer will work on them one by one.

Can you create the design in other languages?

Sure, as long as you provide the instruction and content in English, we’re able to create.

Can you speed up the design if we're in a hurry?

Feel free to talk to the project manager or email our support team, we do our best to satisfy all client’s schedules.

What kind of design can you do?

We offer a wide variety of design services to meet your needs. You can check out the service list for more details and feel free to chat with us if you can’t find the service you wanted. 

Do you accept cash, check or other payment methods?

We only accept credit card or debit card payment at this time.

Do you sign the NDA?

Sorry, we don’t sign NDA’s or any legal documents.

What kind of design you don't do?

We don’t do product design, industrial design and 3D animation.

More questions? Feel free to chat with our support at the bottom right! 💬

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